Liza, overcame POCs and adulthood acne

Merly changed my life. How? Well, let’s go back to 2012. Life wasn’t exactly as I imagined my life would be. At 31 I was newly married with multiple health issues including adult acne, polycystic ovaries, stress and dare I say extremely unhappy. You see my husband and I had been struggling for a year to get pregnant without success. Another pregnancy test with only one line…
Then there was Merly.

Merly helped me to understand how hormones play a significant role which turned out to be the bases of all my health issues. What doctors failed to do and hundreds of products and money spent later, Merly helped to fix the underlying problem and not just dealing with the symptoms.
I started on a program, detoxing and balancing my hormones, as a result, I was finally able to get rid of adult acne which I suffered for 20 years, my periods became regular (with no PMS symptoms!) and finally, I was able to conceive my babies naturally.

I highly recommend Merly for her caring nature and insight into a woman’s health. Thank you Merly!