Lisa, feeling more empowered with PCOS

Lisa, feeling more empowered with PCOS

Before I started working with Merly, I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, sluggish, stressed and felt like I was living out of alignment.

After just 6 weeks with Merly, she helped me get back to the basics and tracking my menstrual cycle helped me feel more empowered and let go of some tension that I didn’t realise I was holding onto around my cycle.

I now have more energy overall and am taking a more holistic approach to balancing my hormones. I have little steps in place that will act as the foundational building blocks to create changes in habits, along with a renewed sense of accountability around prioritising overall health and well-being. Along with Realistic, SMART goals to ensure I can maintain the proactive momentum gained from these coaching sessions. 

Through the sessions, Merly helped me identify areas of my a life where I can create more space for and envision a future living a life of purpose and meaning

If it wasn’t for Merly’s wealth of knowledge, support and the guidance I would not have gotten to this point. Thank you so much for all your help.