Laura, thriving with endometriosis

Laura, thriving with endometriosis

So when I met Merly I had been on the pill since I was 17 for bad periods! I had to take an anti-inflammatory prescription for a week out of the month as they were so bad! After 12 years on them, I developed a very bad stomach ulcer and was told I could never take another one again. I was frequently bedridden and it was very heavy lasting 7 days!

I went on a program with Merly and also went to my GP who referred me for an ultrasound. It came back that I had endometriosis attaching my bowel to my uterus. I was referred to a gynecologist with the aim of getting a laparoscopy.

Following 3 months on the program, my periods felt non-existent! Down to 3 days not heavy and no pain so much so that I would forget to bring tampons with me and I have never even taken a Panadol since!

When it was time to start a family, I had no problem conceiving my first child – pregnant on the first try and continued with Merly’s advice post-birth because in my family there is a history of postnatal depression in my family and I was fine!

When my son was 14 months old and I was still breastfeeding I wanted to get my cycle back and with Merly’s support, I got my period back within 2 months and had a regular cycle straight away. I conceived 3 months after that on our first proper attempt at ovulation with our second child.

She’s amazing and has changed my life. Merly helped me conceive and got rid of my endometriosis symptoms.

Yay to happy hormones and yey to Merly! Thanks so much love you lots and lots of luck with your journey to anyone who is reading this.