Heidi, chronic illness and autoimmune warrior living with purpose

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Cold Urticaria (allergy to the cold) for 7 years. I had gone to see medical professionals and specialists in Sydney and Melbourne but no one was able to help me. I had been a hairdresser for over 20 years and had to quit working as I had become sensitive to the chemicals at work and in my home environment. Living with chronic pain and fatigue and suffering from brain fogginess changed my life which made it hard on the family. I didn’t want this for my girls who were exposing themselves to chemicals from wearing makeup with their dance shows, and so this is how Merly came into my life.

She educated me on detoxing my life, introduced me to clean living, helped me balance my hormones. I had also struggled with bad period pain as I had cysts on my ovaries and nodules on my thyroid (hypothyroidism). She gave me hope and encouraged me to heal my body holistically!

As a result, I became less sensitive to chemicals, I was able to leave the house, participate in my children’s lives more actively and I can manage my symptoms naturally through eating a balanced diet, making better lifestyle choices and taking natural and wholefood supplements.