Azaria, re-occurence of pain-free and regular cycle

Azaria, re-occurence of pain-free and regular cycle

Merly’s guidance has been invaluable during my motherhood experience; from pre-conception to post-partum recovery.

My journey with Merly started 12 months before we decided to start a family. In preparation, I took myself off the pill, which I’d been using for the past 15 years. After 3 months of being pill free, I still had not menstruated. Obviously, my body was pretty confused.


Within 3 months I experienced the return of my period and the consistent recurrence of menstruation/ovulation cycle, every 28 days, no pain, 9 months of a consistent, regular, pain-free cycle, I literally fell pregnant in our first practice.

The second time around. Same story. Again I literally fell pregnant again, first go.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the Merly’s coaching and advice were the changing force to make this happen.