Period & Stress Recovery Community on MeWe – Currently my community group is on Facebook but in light with censorship and what I believe is corporate abuse, my hope is to migrate the community to MeWe.

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  • Recovering from Grief and Loss During Lockdown
    Being in lockdown has been tough on my little boys. They’re missing their friends, they don’t understand why we’re not doing their usual activities of swimming and bush play and the video calls to family aren’t cutting the mustard anymore. So everyday we try to get the boys out of the house for exercise as […]
  • The One Thing You Need To Do to Stay Motivated When Working from Home
    Only the other week at 3.30 am I was shuffling my kids into the shower, wrestling my 4-year-old to wash his hair because his 1-year brother had projectile vomited into his face. Between cleaning up vomit and gag-worthy poo-ey nappy, my work plan for the week went straight out of the window. Although I’m grateful […]
  • The Importance of having Structure and Routine with inbuilt Flexibility as a Working Mum
    When it comes to the night-time routine with putting our kids to sleep, hubby looks after our eldest and I take care of the baby. As of late, hubby has been struggling big time with an injury so he’s been on bed rest and I took care of both boys last night. I ended up […]
  • 3 Things To Do When You Are Menstruating
    I just finished my period. Ha! You probably didn’t really want to know that but hey I thought it’s important we talk about this sort of stuff. In fact, I’ve been looking forward to it, it’s been 2 years since my last bleed because of being pregnant and breastfeeding on demand. My son is now […]
  • 3 Reasons Why 2021 is the Best Year to Become a Health Coach
    I often get asked by other mums who have kids the same age as mine, how do I manage to do so much? Honestly, it’s because I love what I do. 2020 was the year the world was turned upside down with the news about the Wuhan Virus aka Covid19 and it was also the […]