Corporate Wellness

I have a background working as an Employment Consultant and Labour Market Investigator within the occupational rehabilitation industry and in the work I do health coaching clients who work in the corporate sector, I have a passion in corporate wellness.

1 in 6 workers experiencing mental ill health right now

During these unprecedented times, it’s even more important than ever to invest in your employees health and wellbeing.

Mental ill-health costs NSW employers an estimated $2.8 billion annually

With the potential upside of a ROI of $4 for every $1 invested in having a corporate wellness program, some of the benefits include:

  • Improving work life balance and staff retention
  • Development stress management strategies
  • Increasing self-care and becoming more resilient to change
  • Focus on healthy living and reducing absentees/motivation
  • Desire for accountability and sustainable behavioural changes to encourage work satisfaction
  • Reduced injuries and rehabilitation and workers’ compensation claim costs

Corporate Wellness Programs

My corporate wellness programs are designed to give employees and management the tools and knowledge they need to feel less stressed and more energised to fulfill their professional and personal responsibilities.

I offer tailored corporates wellness programs which can include one or a combination of:

  1. Lunch & Learn Workshops (single and series of events)
  2. Employee Group Health Coaching
  3. Private Executive Health Coaching (designed for management or people who are self-employed)

For large scale projects, I work in partnership with my colleague Liza Schizas, Health Coach and Rehabilitation Consultant.

“Having a mentally healthy workplace is the right thing to do in your heart. But even if you don’t believe that … the numbers show very clearly that the cost through the lack of productivity in workplaces, because of mental illness, is very high and very real.

“This is a critical time to make sure staff in and out of the office are mentally well and supported.”

John Brogden, CEO of Landcom

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It’s incredible what some accountability can do and the opportunity to talk to someone outside your usual bubble. (Merly) you have created a wonderful position for yourself, to enable others to go for their dreams! 

Alissa, Political Candidate

Merly’s webinar is fantastic! Many women and new mums can appreciate the information especially for those who’ve been struggling with adrenal fatigue and thyroid problems. Merly highlighted the importance of selfcare and making it a priority. We loved it Merly! We look forward to having Merly present again in the future.

Magda, The Source Bulkfoods

Omg Merly your mindfulness course is so helpful. Just having a bit of time to invest in myself whilst doing this course has been life changing.

Lisa, Mindfulness Course Participant

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