Vaginal Discharge

For some reason I dislike the term vaginal discharge. Discharge to me carries some negative connotation that implies the body is rejecting or expelling fluids because it’s bad or somehow unhealthy. However vaginal discharge is in fact is a very normal function of the vagina to ensure the area of the vagina and vulva isContinue reading “Vaginal Discharge”

How to reduce everyday radiation exposure

I was getting ready for the day and my husband was baffled with the layers of items I was putting on as I was getting dressed. I’m sure he was thinking if I was getting ready for battle. In a sense, I kind of was. Other than a bra and undies, I was wearing aContinue reading “How to reduce everyday radiation exposure”

What fruits and vegetables to avoid

The Environmental Working Group EWG released the 2019 Dirty Dozen where they have listed my son’s favourite fruit, strawberries at the top of the list. Although sometimes it can be expensive to buy organic (certified or uncertified), you can skip organic produce listed under the Clean 15 and try to aim for organic produce listedContinue reading “What fruits and vegetables to avoid”

Self-care during pregnancy

Your mental health during pregnancy is just as important as your physical health if not more. I find if I’m not mentally well, it’s hard for me to have the energy and motivation to do the things that are good for me, like eating nutritious foods and engaging in fulfilling exercise. For me, checking itemsContinue reading “Self-care during pregnancy”

Blacktown City Council hosts Women’s Wellness Workshop

About this Event It’s International Women’s Week! Join us for this informative workshop discussing a variety of issues around women’s health, delivered by certified Health Coach Merly Hartnett. Topics covered will include: Common health concerns for women. Self-care strategies for an extraordinary life. Discussion on top causes of women’s health issues. Top foods for improvingContinue reading “Blacktown City Council hosts Women’s Wellness Workshop”

3 simple steps to start eating clean

What is eating clean? If we asked this question in a room, I’m sure you’d get lots of different responses on what that means to everyone which I think is great because eating clean is a journey rather a destination. One person’s way of eating clean might be getting rid of sugary drinks from theirContinue reading “3 simple steps to start eating clean”