Hi, I’m Merly!

I’m a Type A personality and worked in the corporate world for many years, where I took my health for granted not realising my hormones were suffering because of my mental health and being on the contraceptive pill for so long.

But when I started to balance my hormones naturally and bounced back from burnout, I wanted to help other ambitious women to take back their life too!

As a mum of two beautiful boys with an interesting fertility journey of my own, I’m passionate about helping women to take a holistic mind-body approach to balancing their hormones and optimising their fertility.

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My Story

Falling Pregnant in my 30’s

I remember clearly when we decided to start trying for a family and on the first month of trying I didn’t fall pregnant.

I panicked as I was convinced I should’ve fallen pregnant, I mean how is this possible! I’ve done everything to safeguard and optimise my fertility.
So the next month, I decided to get an ovulation test kit so I knew exactly when I was ovulating as baby making had now become a science project. As much as I tried to relaxed and be spontaneous about getting it on, underneath it all I was riddled with anxiety.

Every day I peed on a pregnancy test stick, waiting for the stick to say I was ovulating, as each week went by I grew even more anxious.
It got so ridiculous that I even order hubby to get his sperm checked because clearly it was his fault! Poor guy, I was literally a train wreck. When his results turned out positive, I was dumbfounded, convinced there was something wrong with me.

I booked us in to see a Fertility Specialist and next minute we were sitting in her office and discussing our infertility problems. She asked us how long had we been trying, I said we’re in our second month but I wasn’t ovulating so something must be seriously wrong.

I remember her just looking at me strangely and although she was trying to be as empathetic as possible, she politely dismissed us and said come back to her after 6 months of trying. Whether she felt sorry for me or I was very convincing about my concerns of not ovulating, she sent me off for a round of tests.

Being impatient with the whole experience, it became all consuming obsession and I couldn’t concentrate at work. I woke up one morning for a split moment I entertained the idea that I could be pregnant
Now by hubby was getting quite frustrated at me with the amount of money I spent peeing on a sticks. He caught me with 3 used pregnancy sticks stashed hidden in the bin in a day.

But when I saw two faint lines on the pregnancy stick, I was convinced it was a mistake. So I suggested I should pee on another stick and hubby just said to relax and give it another week.

But I couldn’t relax.

I couldn’t sleep.

So the he next day, I didn’t it again and I I was in fact pregnant with JohnnyMax.

I share this with you is because JohnnyMax was a rainbow baby, I had suffered a miscarriage a few months before so I understand the emotional rollercoaster we go through.

Trying trying for baby can often be a very lonely experience and I wish I had someone to confide in but it doesn’t have to be for you. Learn more about how fertility coaching can support you.

Safeguarding & Optimising Your Fertility Later in Life

Now there was some cause to my insanity.

I met my husband in my 20’s and we had almost been together a decade before considered trying for a baby. It’s not we didn’t want to have children, it’s just there was so much we wanted to do with travel and building our business before settled down.

But like most 20 something year olds, you just assume you can have a baby, until you try. It wasn’t until I met a good friend who told me that fertility is a sign of good health and back then I suffered with an irregular, heavy and painful period, extreme mood swings and constant anxiety.

In time, I learnt to balance my hormones naturally and work towards safeguarding and optimising my fertility when I was ready. Are you ready to do the same? Click here to learn how fertility coaching can help.

Concerned about infertility?

15 of every 100 Australian couples of reproductive age are affected with infertility.

Infertility is defined as being unable to fall pregnant after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse. In Australia, infertility affects about 15 of every 100 Australian couples of reproductive age.

One of the most common forms of infertility is ovulation disorders, which is an umbrella term that accounts for 1/4 to 1/3 of cases that include poly-cystic ovarian syndrome POCS and irregular ovulation. The second is male factors and the third tubal disease.

There are many other reasons such as unexplained infertility, a woman may have difficultly becoming pregnant but there are various things that are in your control to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.