I’m a certified Health Coach and run my private practice based in Western Sydney. I specialise working with high-achieving and overworked women to balance their hormones, manage stress and improve fertility. I’m also the Founder and Managing Partner of Integrative Health Australia, a boutique provider of workplace health & wellness programs specialising in corporate health coaching and employee education workshops.

My story

In my corporate career, I’ve felt stressed and overworked and as a result my health and my hormones suffered.

My passion for health and wellness began in 2010, As a result of my own health transformation where I was able to overcome my hormonal imbalances and started tackling the anxiety and panic attacks that were taking control of my life.

With over 10 years plus combined experience working in the recruitment, community services and occupational rehabilitation industry as a coach and mentor, combined with my knowledge and training as a health coach, my hope is to empower women to take back control of their health.

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You inspire me to keep trying and to not give up, you remind me of my worth all the time. 

Mylee Batson
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