Putting yourself first

Today I took myself out to a cafe to sit alone and read. Having this quiet time filled me up with joy. 

I’ve been guilty since becoming a parent not making “me time” a priority. Having children had shifted my perception on what was important and ultimately I had created a habit of putting myself last.

But as I sat here in my lonesome bliss. I found my cup overflowing with gratitude and missing my boys. It’s taken me a long time to get here. Whenever there was an opportunity for me to have “me time” I would quickly dismiss it as there was always something more important to do. Taking time for me had always felt somewhat selfish.

It’s only with the perseverance of my husband literally shoving me out the door for 3 years, that I realised it’s okay to take time to fill my cup. 

Our kids need us to be healthy, calm and present. Being a conscious parent is the ability to hold space for our children especially when things get tough and the days are full of tantrums and big emotions with these little people. It’s hard to feel in control when we’re running on empty. I didn’t want to be that mama that spent her days screaming and crying in the bathroom. 

After speaking to so many mamas about how-to’s raising multiple kids, I’ve come to my own conclusion I can do anything if my heart is full. Waking up being grateful, getting to live another day and seeing motherhood as a privilege, I now know that filling my cup and making me a priority is how I can be the best mother for my children.

What fills your cup?

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