Merly Hartnett is a Period & Menstrual Cycle Coach.

I help chronically stressed women with menstrual disorders have regular and pain-free periods, optimise their fertility and have more energy without medication.

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Client Testimonials

“She’s amazing and has changed my life. Merly helped me conceive and got rid of my endometriosis symptoms.” – Laura, Endometriosis & Mum of 2

“Within 3 months I experienced the return of my period and the consistent recurrence of menstruation/ovulation cycle, every 28 days, no pain, 9 months of a consistent, regular, pain-free cycle, I literally fell pregnant in our first practice. The second time around. Same story. Again I literally fell pregnant again, first go. There’s no doubt in my mind that Merly’s coaching and advice were the changing force to make this happen.” – Azaria, Missing Periods & Mum of 2

“After just 6 weeks with Merly, she helped me get back to the basics and tracking my menstrual cycle helped me feel more empowered and let go of some tension that I didn’t realise I was holding onto around my cycle.” – Lisa, PCOS

“By my third session, we had instigated the steps to move forward. Making this decision, I noticed my stress levels decreased significantly, I’m feeling happier, more cheeky and freer to live my convictions. I also noticed by my third session, I was no longer experiencing migraines or PMS symptoms.” – Ashley, Endometriosis & Mum of 1

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