Are you feeling burnout? Or just seriously stressed?

Corporate wellness is a big buzz word these days and as much as companies try to implement wellness initiatives to help their staff and prevent injuries, ultimately it comes down to you to prioritise your own health and wellbeing.

One of the hardest things about recovering from chronic stress and burnout or a workplace injury is is realising you can’t go on doing things the same way you did before.

But making those changes can feel daunting and overwhelming when you don’t know where to start, I’m here to help.

I can help you find your new normal, recover from chronic stress and get back to enjoying the work that you do.

I can help you simplify and prioritise what needs attention first, so you can feel your thriving and not just surviving.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place.

What My Clients Are Saying

Before working with Merly I had allowed the voices of others to hold me back from believing that I was capable of making the changes I wanted to make, to experience my best possible life. Since working with Merly, I have been so grateful to find a sounding board for my thoughts and feelings. The biggest change has been learning to trust my intuition and building confidence to make the big changes I wanted to make. I’ve moved careers and stood proudly representing my community on issues relating to health that are important to myself and others. Merly is an approachable, realistic and enthusiastic coach. I would recommend Merly to anyone as their coach!! Having someone in your corner to encourage you is a valuable tool for every single person. I have loved working with you Merly! Thank you!

QLD, Australia

Before I started working with Merly, I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, sluggish, stressed and felt like I was living out of alignment. After just 6 weeks with Merly, she helped me get back to the basics and tracking my menstrual cycle helped me feel more empowered and let go of some tension that I didn’t realise I was holding onto around my cycle. I now have more energy overall and am taking a more holistic approach to balancing my hormones. I have little steps in place that will act as the foundational building blocks to create changes in habits, along with a renewed sense of accountability around prioritising overall health and well-being. Along with Realistic, SMART goals to ensure I can maintain the proactive momentum gained from these coaching sessions. Through the sessions, Merly helped me identify areas of my a life where I can create more space for and envision a future living a life of purpose and meaning If it wasn’t for Merly’s wealth of knowledge, support and the guidance I would not have gotten to this point. Thank you so much for all your help.

Sydney NSW, Australia

Before I started working with Merly, although my period is regular, I was experiencing headaches, abdominal and gum pain as well as extreme mood swings and feeling ultra-sensitive emotionally. My sleep was deep but short and abrupt. I would often wake up at 3 am or 5.30 am because I was stressed and exercising very little if at all. I was also craving a lot of sugar. I’m halfway through my coaching program and I’m feeling less stressed and more capable in achieving my goals. During this time, I have noticed I enjoy having structure and routine which in the past I would have avoided. I identified areas of my life that were a huge source of stress and by my second session I had made a firm decision on the direction I wanted to go. By my third session we had instigated the steps to move forward. Making this decision, I noticed my stress levels decreased significantly, I’m feeling happier, more cheeky and freer to live my convictions. I also noticed by my third session, I was no longer experiencing migraines or PMS symptoms. My sleep is restful, regular and I’m dreaming now which I wasn’t before.I’m creatively cooking and more conscious of my food and what I put into my body. I can not stress how important it is to have someone of Merly’s calibre to support you and coach you each impactful step of the way. Sure you can try to do it by yourself, but her intrinsic knowledge of what will work for you specifically is of high value to me. She is more than a personal cheerleader and kickass fountain of information, she is a some one who understands with compassion and generosity.

Sydney NSW Australia